Electric Neon Blue

For those who are familiar with the cover of the Pink Floyd album, “Dark Side of the Moon”, you’ll know the myriad of colors exhibited by Tourmalines.

Virtually all the colors of the rainbow.

And the color relies on several factors including where it was mined, its chemical composition and its internal structure.

From almost black to a sheer transparency and everything in between. This color range is caused by different minerals within the stone such as iron which creates the almost black color to the Manganese found in Red Tourmalines.

Sometimes there are 2 colors showing in the gemstone (usually Pink and Green) and these are known under the highly appropriate name of ‘Watermelon Tourmalines”.

But there’s one color that isn’t truly represented in the spectrum shown on the album cover.

The Electric Neon Blue of Paraiba Tourmalines from Brazil.

This truly amazing color is caused by the inclusion of Copper and these rare, natural gems are only found in a very few places. Brazil and Mozambique are the location of the main mines, but it’s Brazil which produces gemstones of such intense color depth that they glow with a vibrancy unseen in any other Tourmaline color.

Paraiba Tourmaline was only discovered in 1989 in pencil thin deposits in North Eastern Brazil and so delicate is its structure that it has to be extracted by hand. That said, its 7-7.5 hardness on the Mohs scale makes it extremely attractive for jewelry.

But it’s the rarity of the deposits that make it one of the most valuable and dazzling gemstones on earth.

Because only Tourmaline that has the copper element can be called Paraiba Tourmaline. Don’t be taken in by others who describe their gemstones as “Paraiba-like” because they are not true Paraiba Tourmalines.

Natural Paraiba Tourmalines from Brazil are the only ones we use to create our amazing intricate designs. No others come close to the sheer vibrancy of the color depth especially in the small stone sizes we use in our intricate designs.  As we get to larger single stone (over 0.30ct) designs, paraiba tourmalines from Brazil are rare and expensive so we use the best natural paraiba tourmalines from Mozambique so our jewelry is more affordable but still spectacular.  If you are interested in larger Brazilian stones, do get in touch, our direct connections to the mines put us in the best position to source and craft a magnificent piece just for you.   

Just how attractive can be seen in the designs we’ve created. 

Imagine wearing our shimmering Ocean Breeze pendant or the spectacular Serpentine ring!

Especially if you’ve been gifted them for your October birthday!

These are but two of our craftsmen created designs that are available. Whatever piece you decide upon will be yours for eternity.  And if you don’t already know, we craft our own jewelry so we can customize any of our existing designs for you.

So when you next think of the Caribbean Sea shimmering electric neon blue under a cloudless sky, imagine being able to wear that same shimmer in a piece of precious jewelry.