Showing off paraiba’s true colors

Have you ever seen a gemstone so stunning, so vivid and vibrant that you could hardly find words to describe it? Welcome to the world of Danyal Paraiba, a brand dedicated to one of the rarest, most valuable, and visually striking gemstones in the entire world. The stunning color of the magnificent Paraiba tourmaline has defied the English language, plunging us into a world of speechlessness and awe.

Paraiba tourmalines were first discovered in the late 1980’s in Brazil. Since its discovery, this gemstone has taken the world by storm with its neon blues and greens. The intense and electric coloring instantly set it apart from other tourmalines. Nearly every shade of tourmaline can be found in Brazil, but none has the vivid glow the separates Paraiba tourmaline from the rest. This stunning gem reminds us of the shallow ocean in the Caribbean or the Hollywood swimming pool, only doubled in intensity.

Paraiba tourmalines appear in a range of greenish blue, bluish green, green, blue and violet hues. All of these colors are coveted by gem collectors. Although the blue and violet colors that have the most appeal. The dealers of these gems attempt to capture the extraordinary quality by using terms such as electric and neon.

This gemstone receives its value from its intensity in color. The deeper, more saturated, and more vibrant the color, the more expensive the stone. Paraiba tourmaline is also known for its glow from the inside out. This glow exaggerates the stunning beauty of the stone regardless of the lighting.

Danyal Paraiba only works with top quality Paraiba tourmaline of the highest color intensity and prestige.

How does it get to be that color?

Tourmalines can be found in a full spectrum of colors and multi-color forms. However it is trace amounts of copper that create the brilliance you see in Paraiba tourmaline. Copper can be found in other gemstones most notably turquoise, however it is not a coloring agent found in any other tourmaline. The copper not only gives the stone its color range but it is also what gives the stone its stunning glow.

Paraiba tourmalines aren’t formed overnight. They require nearly 250 million years of Mother Nature’s influence before becoming the gem we see today. Similar to diamonds and other commonly discussed gemstones, the combination of heat, pressure, and mineral content in the earth are what make each gemstone unique.

Copper bearing tourmalines have been found in other parts of the world and resemble the same vibrant and intense color of the Brazilian stone. This similar make-up is remarkable, but stems from days before the continental divide. However the originally discovered Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline remains the most sought after collection.

Importance of Color

As with any colored gemstone, depth of color is extremely important when it comes to value and desirability. Color carries emotional resonance which means that we have an emotional response toward specific colors. The color represents calm and confidence. Danyal Paraiba is so much more than blue, it is vivid and extra-ordinary in vibrancy and electricity. It is no wonder that this gemstone is growing in popularity.

93% of shoppers agreed that the most important aspect when purchasing is how the product looks to the consumers. This intensely beautifully stone stands head and shoulders above most other gemstones in rarity and beauty. The gorgeous color of this stone gives insight as to why this rarely known gemstone is exploding in popularity.

Danyal Paraiba has given the world the opportunity to own one of nature’s rarest treasures. A whimsical gem to be cherished for its beauty, depth, rarity, glow and of course, its intense & mesmerizing color. This is a gemstone most have never heard of, and even more will never remember the name, however those who have the opportunity to see and own a piece will never forget its beauty.