About us

Danyal Paraiba’s parent company has been crafting exquisite jewelry for over 30 years using only the finest natural gemstones sourced both directly from mines in Brazil and Africa as well as leading gem houses.

We originally made our unique designs available to cruisers in the Caribbean and Alaska and they can still be purchased at selected retailers on Disney Cruises in the Caribbean. What a wonderful memory of the sparkling Caribbean Sea to take home!

We also wanted to bring these wonderful Paraiba Tourmalines to others who would adore wearing them which is why we created this online store where you can discover all our beautiful pieces.

And, as we have gathered together probably the largest collection of natural Paraiba jewelry available online, you have an unrivalled collection to choose from. 

Even though we have our entire collection online here we always welcome customers who want to view it in the comfort of our Los Angeles store. 

Simply call us and make a convenient appointment, tell us the pieces you’re interested in viewing and we’ll have everything ready upon your arrival.

Our Expertise

When you’re crafting jewelry from the finest and rarest Paraiba Tourmalines, you use the finest craftsmen. People who understand the gem and are able to make the finest settings to enchant the wearer and compliment the gem itself. Our craftsmen have many years of experience and knowledge to instinctively know what the finished piece will look like when the finest materials are used.

Our Bespoke Designs.

With such a large collection of natural Paraiba Tourmalines, we have acquired some exceptionally rare large stones which we can craft into your own design for that special piece or special occasion. 

If you are looking for that exceptional piece, call us and we’ll work with you every step of the way.

Our Guarantees.

We guarantee our craftsmanship and design in writing.

You’ll receive a Certificate of Authenticity whatever piece of Paraiba Tourmaline jewelry you purchase and, for more expensive pieces, an independent appraisal and a GIA Report. 

Purchase with Confidence

With over 30 years’ experience of appraising and purchasing only the finest natural stones direct from the mines in Brazil and Africa, you can have full confidence that you will only be wearing luxurious jewelry containing only the finest stones.  

The peace of mind our Lifetime Warranty brings

Many companies offer either a 1 or 3 year warranty on their products.

We offer a lifetime warranty on our workmanship so that if any fault develops you have the peace of mind knowing that we’ll correct it at no charge.

Our Lifetime Upgrade policy

Many customers fall so in love with our Paraiba Tourmaline that they sometimes want to upgrade their piece. To, say, an exquisite ring with a larger gemstone.

We will take back your original purchase and allocate its full value towards your chosen larger piece because we know how important wearing the right jewelry can be.

And we always want our customers to be happy with their purchases.

Our Pricing.

There’s no denying that Paraiba Tourmaline is a rare and often expensive gem. That is why with over 2 decades of buying we have built strong relationships directly with several mines which produce the highest quality natural stones.

Because of this, we pass on the savings to our customers allowing more customers to enjoy these wonderful gems.