Do you have an October birthday to celebrate?

October is the month for spectacular colors.

From the amazing fiery richness of the Fall foliage in New England to spectacular sunsets in California, everywhere seems to be turning gold.

Eye of Beauty

It’s a time we fondly remember Summer with its deep blue skies and dappled sunlight glancing off sparkling waters that appear to have disappeared until next year.

But it doesn’t have to be that way because there’s a remarkable gem that makes a perfect gift for October babies that carries a constant reminder of those heady days of Summer.

October’s birthstone is Tourmaline and, whilst this gem carries all the colors of the rainbow, it’s the unique blue copper-bearing variety that’s the most spectacular and eye catching.

Imagine those turquoise waters against a rich gold backdrop. Imagine a necklace sparkling in the evening sunlight like a Kingfisher darting over water.

Imagine a classic outfit that dazzles when set off with earrings that flash an iridescent neon blue, reminiscent of Caribbean waters rolling on a golden beach.

And the best Tourmaline is sourced from a spectacular mine in Paraibas, Brazil. Oh, you might find larger stones from elsewhere, but none have the depth of color the Brazilian ones have.

And those are some of the ones we use to fashion some of the world’s most sought after jewelry. In fact, Paraiba Tourmaline are the most sought after in their class and nothing else comes even close.

You have to see one to believe that a gem could be this eye catching, this bright, this beautiful.

So, this October recapture the heady days of Summer when you were surrounded by those rich blue skies and imagine a Paraiba Tourmaline set in white or yellow gold that matches perfectly the Fall colors or a Caribbean beach.

Especially when it’s worn by someone you love.